Free transportation to cancer treatment


You know the cancer hurdles: standing up to treatments and beating this disease are the most staggering of them. But getting to and from appointments rates up there; cancer support organizations cite transportation as the tallest nonmedical hurdle many of us face. So here are resources should you need help making your appointments or filling your gas tanks.


American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery

Volunteer drivers will pick you up at your door and take you to and from treatments at no cost; no matter where you live, or what you earn. I was a Road to Recovery driver long before I found myself staring down the same disease as the folks I got to and from their destinations. They were an older woman too sick to get behind the wheel, hesitant to keep asking her family and friends for rides—a young mother too poor to buy a car or pay for a cab—a lonely widow who needed both a ride and friend. Actually, most of my passengers and I were more than just driver and rider. We chatted about their kids; sometimes their fears about the future—or if they needed a break from “c” we prattled on about anything but.

If you like, your volunteer driver may stay with you, coming in for your appointments. Sometimes they’ll advocate for you to get non-medicalese answers to your questions for your doctor. Or help you through the paperwork now spewing your way from every corner.

ACS may not always, but will often, be able to find you free transportation to cancer treatment, no matter how often you need a ride or the distance.


If you can drive yourself but with all your bills can’t fill your tank, there’s FREE GAS USA

It’s for income-qualifying USA residents, nationwide. If the funds are there, and they often are, you are awarded a $50 to $1,200 grant for your gas to get to treatments, work or shopping.


Who qualifies for FREE GAS USA


There’s a chart (below) to help you determine if you are eligible for FREE GAS; but for an idea, if you live in the Jacksonville, FL area for example, one person making $36,900, or a family of four making $52,650 meet income requirements.


How to apply

Applications are accepted between January 1st through December 31st of each calendar year. Go to Fill out the questionnaire. Click on grant application (link provided below), and complete the gasoline application. You will also need a referral letter from a human service agency or church to verify income, vehicle ownership, and insurance.


Road to Recovery information

  • To get a ride or become a volunteer

American Cancer Society 1-800-227-2345;


Applying to FREE GAS USA

  • The rules

  • Free GAS USA application form

  • Federal income requirements


Resources should you need to fly to far away treatments

Flights and long ground trips










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  1. Craig says:

    Don’t forget to mention that the ACS also offers Hope Lodge accomodations (free) at a number of locations for people traveling to cancer treatments (for the patient and an in-same-room caregiver). Sometimes they can ferry you to and back from hospitals (or at least to public transit that will get you there).

    Best hopes,


  2. Catherine says:

    What a great list of resources. During my treatment we had to buy a car – and we were lucky enough to be able to afford one. (Just, can’t tell you how many times I held my breath as the engine was turned on.) This is great, I hope those who need to the support are about to find the services above.

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